Brightwood / Manor Park
Brightwood / Manor Park

Brightwood/Manor Park Homes for Sale

$2,200,000 | Beds | 0 Baths
$2,199,000 | Beds | 0 Baths
$2,000,000 | 6 Beds | 5.5 Baths
$1,488,000 | 3 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$980,000 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$969,900 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
5720 13TH ST NW
$845,000 | 3 Beds | 1.5 Baths
5611 2ND ST NW
$839,999 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
6012 4TH ST NW
$839,900 | 3 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$785,000 | 4 Beds | 2 Baths
5932 3RD ST NW
$784,900 | 3 Beds | 2.5 Baths

Sold Listings

$625,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths
$1,650,000 | 7 Beds | 4.5 Baths

Brightwood/Manor Park Real Estate

Homes for sale in Washington DC's Brightwood/Manor Park

Guide to Brightwood / Manor Park

Street Art in Washington DC's Brightwood/Manor Park Neighborhood
Neighborhood Church in Washington DC's Brightwood/Manor Park Neighborhood

Brightwood/Manor Park is a neighborhood located in the northwestern quadrant of Washington, D.C. This historic area is surrounded by beautiful parks and important forts. Its affordable houses and its location to Takoma and Silver Springs allow a cozy neighborhood to be within close proximity to the nightlife of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Close to Takoma & Silver Spring

Brightwood/Manor Park is roughly belted by 14th Street to the west, Fern and Van Buren Street to the north, Blair Road to the east, and Kennedy Street to the south. Colonial Village/Shepherd Park and Takoma border the neighborhood to the north, Riggs Park/Michigan Park is to the east, and Petworth to the south. Silver Spring is a five-minute drive while Takoma Park is just north on the other side of the state line.

Fort Stevens & Other Historic Sites

Brightwood/Manor Park is home to Fort Stevens. During the Civil War, the Union Army built a fortification near the historic Emory Church. The church was torn down, and the bricks were used to build Fort Stevens and baking ovens. Fort Stevens was soon attacked by 20,000 Confederates, but eventually the Confederates were repulsed. Following petitions from the congregation for wishing to receive compensation for the torn-down church, Congress established a park at the site and a memorial plaque.

Some of the fallen soldiers are buried in the nearby historic Battleground National Cemetery. This military burial ground is located along Georgia Avenue and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Some other notable sites listed as a historic place include Engine Company 22, Fort View Apartments, and the Military Road School—one of the first schools in Washington to educate African-Americans.

Takoma, Fort Totten, and the Petworth Metro Stations

Brightwood/Manor Park lacks a metro station. However, the northern section of the neighborhood is a five-minute walk from the Takoma Station on the Red Line. Below the southern section of the neighborhood are the Fort Totten Station on the Red, Yellow and Green Lines. Both of these stations are about a ten to fifteen minute drive. The Metrobus also takes you to each station. The 70, 71, and 79 run north and south of Georgia Avenue. The S1, S2, S4, and D33 serve 16th Street and the E2, E3, and E4 run east and west on Kennedy Street. The neighborhood is also relatively close to I-495.

Plenty of Housing Options

One of the more notable elements of living in Brightwood/Manor Park is the housing stock. Most streets of the neighborhood consist of moderately-sized row houses. There are also duplexes, detached bungalows, colonials, apartment buildings, and some new condominiums. If you’re looking for real estate in Washington D.C., then Brightwood/Manor Park should be considered for its affordable, quality homes.

Travel to Takoma for Great Restaurants

This neighborhood isn’t a place where you can walk and find a variety of restaurants, bars or stores. The offerings mostly include Caribbean and Chinese takeout. However, nearby Takoma offers plenty of dining choices with the best of them lined up on the same block. Roscoes’s Pizzeria is a bright, pleasant spot located on Carroll Avenue. This pizza restaurant offers Neapolitan-style pizzas as well as pastas. For dessert, try the white chocolate bread pudding.

Next door is Mark’s Kitchen. This casual, bustling restaurant serves a mix of Korean and American dishes with vegan options. Some Korean favorites are the bibimbap, kimchi, and the Yang Nyum Tofu. The crab cake sandwich is also a tasty option. For more of a homegrown restaurant, try Republic. This seafood-centric restaurant comes with an oyster bar and favors local produce with a healthy and vegetarian-friendly menu. This spot also features local musicians performing on certain nights.

For some musical entertainment, check out Takoma Station. This lad back venue, near the actual metro station, produces soul, jazz, and other musical acts in its small and cozy space. They also have a full bar and pub food.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park runs to the west of the neighborhood. This large green space is filled with trails intertwining one another. Some of the trails include the Valley Trail, Western Ridge Trail, and the Rock Creek Trail. The park itself features trails for bicycling, a picnicking area, a planetarium, tennis courts, horse trails, and playgrounds among other things. The site also features unique recreational and astronomy programs, ranger-led tours, the Thompson boat center where you can rent kayaks and canoes, as well as an 18-hole golf course.

Fort Slocum Park is located near the southern point of the neighborhood. This national park consists of forests and open fields for walking, picnicking, and also includes a historic marker honoring Civil War history.

At the end of the day Brightwood/Manor Park is a great place to call home. Along with its close proximity to Silver Spring and Takoma, this historic neighborhood has become a wonderful option among homebuyers looking at real estate in Washington, D.C.

Rowhomes in Brightwood/Manor park
Brightwood/Manor Park Neighborhood
Brightwood Heritage Trail Sign
Walmart in Brightwood/Manor Park
Graphic Box Tattoo Shop in Brightwood/Manor Park
Brightwood/Manor Park Neighborhood
Wonder Chicken in Brightwood/Manor Park

Real Estate Market Stats

Basic Stats Overview

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Last Updated: 5/15/2022
Homes for Sale 33 -3.0% -30.3%
Months Inventory 1.70 -0.6% -18.2%
Contracts Pending 28 +14.3% -42.9%
Solds: 90 Day 52 -1.9% -13.5%
Average List Price/Sold Price 104.43% +0.2% +0.6%
Active/Pending Ratio 1.18 -20.3% +8.5%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $662,114 +7.0% -9.2%
Pending $740,422 -3.7% +7.8%
90 Day Sold $685,412 -4.0% -0.8%
Median Price
Active $553,050 +1.5% +15.9%
Pending $680,000 +0.7% +4.4%
90 Day Sold $633,750 -6.5% -4.1%
Days on Market
Active 97.88 +10.7% +32.9%
Pending 86.57 -17.0% +37.7%
90 Day Sold 21.29 -21.0% +10.2%
Homes for Sale 5 -20.0% -100.0%
Months Inventory 0.92 -13.0% -57.6%
Contracts Pending 14 +28.6% 0.0%
Solds: 90 Day 13 -15.4% -15.4%
Average List Price/Sold Price 104.87% +0.3% +1.9%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.36 -66.7% -97.2%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,260,380 +16.3% -38.5%
Pending $1,156,175 -8.2% +21.5%
90 Day Sold $1,207,892 +2.1% +10.6%
Median Price
Active $980,000 +16.1% -24.6%
Pending $969,450 -8.3% +12.1%
90 Day Sold $1,310,000 +9.9% +23.7%
Days on Market
Active 37.20 +36.8% +4.0%
Pending 37.69 +9.3% +74.6%
90 Day Sold 7.69 -117.6% -17.9%
Homes for Sale 6 +16.7% 0.0%
Months Inventory 0.80 +20.0% +3.8%
Contracts Pending 6 +16.7% -100.0%
Solds: 90 Day 17 +5.9% -35.3%
Average List Price/Sold Price 106.16% +0.4% +0.5%
Active/Pending Ratio 1.00 0.0% +50.0%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $976,650 -4.0% +27.8%
Pending $584,889 +4.2% -23.7%
90 Day Sold $717,565 +0.2% -5.3%
Median Price
Active $842,450 -2.1% +12.5%
Pending $550,000 -6.4% -22.7%
90 Day Sold $730,000 -1.0% +7.5%
Days on Market
Active 41.33 +31.3% +3.6%
Pending 198.56 -10.0% +49.3%
90 Day Sold 7.59 -107.5% -84.5%
Homes for Sale 22 -4.5% -22.7%
Months Inventory 3.38 -8.9% -18.3%
Contracts Pending 8 -12.5% -75.0%
Solds: 90 Day 22 0.0% +4.5%
Average List Price/Sold Price 100.96% -0.6% -0.6%
Active/Pending Ratio 2.75 +6.9% +29.8%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $440,361 +5.9% +21.0%
Pending $302,733 -32.9% -50.0%
90 Day Sold $351,827 -10.9% +2.5%
Median Price
Active $459,900 +7.9% +27.2%
Pending $277,500 -40.5% -43.2%
90 Day Sold $339,950 +3.7% +15.0%
Days on Market
Active 127.09 +8.0% +35.1%
Pending 67.75 -20.0% +12.2%
90 Day Sold 39.91 +1.7% +20.1%

How Much is Available?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active Inventory
The number of Brightwood / Manor Park homes listed for sale. Lower inventory favors sellers in negotiations.

How Many Months of Inventory?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Months Inventory
The number of homes listed for sale in Brightwood / Manor Park divided by the number of homes sold in one month. Higher inventory favors buyers.

More Actives or More Pendings?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active/Pending Ratio
Ratio of homes in Brightwood / Manor Park listed for sale versus those under contract. The lower the number, the hotter the market.

Are Sellers Negotiating?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, List/Sold Ratio
Shows a comparison between the final sales price of homes sold in Brightwood / Manor Park versus their list price.

What is Average?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Average Sale Price (90 Days)
Average list price of homes for sale in Brightwood / Manor Park

How Fast Are They Selling?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Days on Market (Sold Listings 90 Days)
Average days from Listing Date to Sold Date for Brightwood / Manor Park homes that sold in the past 90 days.

Real Estate Near Brightwood/Manor Park

Colonial Village / Shepherd Park
9 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $630,000
Crestwood / 16th St Heights
21 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $619,900
68 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $500,000

Public Schools near Brightwood/Manor Park

Whittier Education Campus
19 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $648,750
Bancroft Elementary School
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Today's Median Price $907,000
Deal Middle School
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